inSIGHT’s Funding Concept

inSIGHT’s fundraising objective is to provide funds for educational grants in schools to teach lessons learned from The Holocaust and genocides.

The most effective form of fundraising is a direct donation from you. Please review our list of grants for consideration of your support. 100% of your donation will be applied to the funding of grants and is tax deductible.  Also, your participation at inSIGHT events provides significant funding for educational grants. Thank you for your continuing support!

inSIGHT Through Education is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian 501(c)(3) organization that raises funds through hosting social events, volunteer fund raising activities, sponsorships, tribute cards and donations in general. inSIGHT is an all-volunteer group.

General Fund

For Classroom Instruction & Enrichment

Naftaly Fund

For Outstanding Teacher Recognition

Salton Fund

For Purchase of Educational Materials

Trockman Fund

For Funding Teacher Education

Other Ways To Get Involved


inSIGHT welcomes volunteers with non-profit experience, marketing, creative, accounting, law, or just about any skill that you can imagine can be used by a non-profit association that is working diligently to grow and serve our community.

inSIGHT also seeks volunteers in the following areas:

  • Grant Writing
  • Public Relations
  • Develop Web-Mailings
  • Work with Web-Master

 Host an Event

inSIGHT Through Education raises funds through events such as…

  • Luncheons
  • Card Parties
  • Boutique Sales
  • Seminars
  • Film Events
  • Outreach-Teas/Coffees in Private Homes
  • iSeries-Community Information Event

The proceeds from these activities provide the major portion of funding for inSIGHT’s mission. If you would like to host or sponsor a special event please contact us at:

Tribute Cards

Request a Tribute Card in any financial increment ($15, $25, $35 or more) to recognize a special person or life event. A charitable donation in the name of your designee is a most thoughtful and appreciated gift. A special certificate announcing donations of $50 or more is also available.

In Honor of …
*Anniversaries               *Graduations
*Bar/Bat Mitzvah        *Holidays
*Birthdays                     *Hostess Gifts
*Confirmations            *Member-Guest Events

Donate Securities

To donate securities, please contact:

Marilyn Blank